Back in January of 2011, Smooth Jazz Journalist of The Year nominee, Denis Poole commented that ‘North End Soul’ from multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer Vincent Ingala was, by any standards, an outstanding piece of work. In fact, it proved to be a spectacular debut and set the scene for what evolved into a truly remarkable year. In San Diego, at what became known as ‘The Lemonade Weekend,’ Ingala owned the stage at Anthology and later that night played with Peter White at the Hard Rock Hotel. Twelve months later, his ever growing fan-base would be rewarded with Vincent’s follow up album ‘Can’t Stop Now,’ earning him two Billboard top five singles, one of them topping at #1 for four weeks. With seven original compositions, two spellbinding covers and guest performances from Gregg Karukas & Jonathan Fritzen, ‘Can’t Stop Now’ is a measure of just how far Ingala has come and a tribute to the focus and dedication he has for his music.11168016_10204221420432562_231765319886321178_n

Indeed, ‘Can’t Stop Now’ bears testimony to the way Vincent pursues his musical goals with determination and zeal. Not only did he write and co-write seven of the tracks, he also played every instrument and, if that wasn’t enough, produced and programmed the album throughout. This all seems a far cry from the time his parents bought him his first drum set at the age of four. Later, he was given his first guitar and after only nine months of lessons in third grade, was strumming Elvis tunes that he had perfected by ear. Both friends and family quickly sensed that there was something special going on and this was confirmed when in fifth grade he mastered the keyboard before trading it in for the saxophone. Finally, Vincent had found the sound for which he had been searching. He was hooked and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since May 2011, Vincent has become an ever-increasing presence on the Smooth Jazz circuit, performing as a solo artist at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach Jazz Festival, Catalina Island Jazz Trax Festival, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival and was a featured artist on the Dave Koz & Friends 2011 Alaskan Cruise. He will also be on board for Koz’s 2016 Caribbean Cruise this fall. Vincent will be releasing his third album , “Coast to Coast” on May 1st, 2015.

A Yamaha Performing Artist, Vincent cites Elvis Presley, Sam Butera, Wilton Felder and Richard Elliot as being among some of his major influences in music. Family is also a core value for Vincent. He enjoys nothing more than spending time with his parents and their large, extended Italian family. With more dates in support of ‘Can’t Stop Now’ already planned for this year, there has never been a better time to experience the magic of Vincent Ingala.

Vincent plays Yamaha saxophones exclusively.